About the Author – Unity 3.x Game Development by Example

About the Author

Ryan Henson Creighton is a veteran game developer and the founder of Untold Entertainment Inc. (http://www.untoldentertainment.com/blog) where he creates games and applications. Untold Entertainment specializes in games for kids, teens, tweens, and preschoolers. Prior to founding Untold, Ryan worked as the Senior Game Developer at Canadian media conglomerate Corus Entertainment, creating advergames and original properties for YTV and Treehouse TV using Flash. Ryan is hard at work developing a suite of original products with Untold Entertainment, which includes Sissy's Magical Ponycorn Adventure, the game he authored with his five-year-old daughter Cassie. Ryan maintains one of the most active and enjoyable blogs in the industry. He is also the author of the book that you are currently reading.

When Ryan is not developing games, he's goofing off with his two little girls and his fun-loving wife in downtown Toronto.