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About the Authors

Bob Hughes is a leadership consultant, co-founder of the UK-based Forton Group, who designs and delivers leadership development globally, coaching board members and senior leaders, including using the my360plus leadership assessment tool. Co-creator of the internationally accredited “Leadership Coaching Model,” his expertise is built on 30 years’ working in major corporates at a senior level. He is also a nonexecutive director for Engage for Success, which promotes employee engagement to benefit individuals, teams, and organizations.

Helen Caton Hughes is an international author, leadership coach, researcher, and learning and development program design consultant. Co-founder of the Forton Group, Helen works with leaders internationally to create and deliver engaging leadership development programs that apply the practical tools relevant to 21st-century leadership. Her expertise is based on a corporate background including financial services, facilities management, and marketing organizations. Her research interests include well-being in the workplace, employee engagement, volunteering, and learning design.