Acknowledgements – Introduction to Data Structures in C


I am indebted to Mr S. Ramamurthi, president of Subhram Trust, Bangalore, for conferring upon me the Samaja Seva Bhushan Award 2004 for technical book writing from Maharashtra region. It is indeed a matter of great pride that Mr T. N. Chaturvedi, Governor of Karnataka, had felicitated me on the occasion. I am also thankful to Mr Suryakant Bidwai and Mr Satish Banglore of Phoenix Software for their inspiration and support.

I am thankful to the members of Vasavi Club of Nanded, especially Mr Prabhakar Nilawar, Dr Naresh Rayewar, Mr Lakshman Rewanwar, Mr Prashant Moralwar, Mr Rajesh Kotalwar, Mr Ramchandra Modi and Sanjay Kachawar for their encouragement and support.

I wholeheartedly express my deep sense of gratitude to the Minister for Higher and Technical Education, Mr Dilip Walse-Patil, who complimented my previous books.

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the members of the board of governors of our institute, honourable chairman Mr Baba Kalyani (Chairman of Bharat Forge, Pune) and Prof. N. B. Pasalkar, Director of Technical Education, Maharashtra, for their encouragement and support. I am also thankful to the other board members, Prof. T. R. Sonatkke (Director), Prof. Narayan Khedkar, Prof. Vijay Ghate, Mr Kamlesh Pande, and Mr Dimri V. for their wholehearted support and encouragement. I am also indebted to Mr S. R. Chandak of Bharat Forge for precious guidance and to Dr M. B. Kinhalkar, former Home Minister of Maharashtra, Dr J. G. Wadekar, and Dr V. A. Hambire for complimenting me for writing this book.

I am also grateful to Prof. B. M. Naik, former principal of S.G.G.S. Institute, Nanded, who has been a source of inspiration throughout my life.

I am thankful to all my colleagues, close relatives, well-wishers and students who complimented me and helped me during the preparation of this book. My thanks goes to Prof. S. G. Kahalekar, Dr P. D. Jadhav, Dr P. Pramanik, Dr P. S. Charpe, Dr D. S. Choudhary, Dr B. M. Dabde, Dr R. S. Bichkar, Dr Y. V. Joshi, Dr D. D. Doye, Prof. R. K. Chavan, Prof. J. V. Aghav, Dr U. V. Kulkarni, Dr S. N. Talbar, Dr S. P. Kallurkar, Dr V. M. Nandedkar, Dr A. U. Digraskar, Dr R. S. Holambe, Dr B. M. Patre, Dr R. C. Thool, Dr R. R. Manthalkar, Dr L. M. Waghmare, Dr R. H. Chille, Dr S. V. Bonde, Mr Gonde A. B., Prof. N. G. Megde, Mr J. V. L. Venkatesh, Ms S. S. Kandhare, Ms Kamble Usha, Mr P. S. Nalawade, Mr S. S. Hatkar, Mr Narayan Patil, Mr A. V. Nandedkar, Mr P. B. Londhe, Mr Trupti Deshmukh, Mr Sanjay Sarda, Miss Agrawal, Dr A. S. Sontakke, Dr P. T. Patil, Mr Bacchewar Deepak, Mr P. G. Jadhav and Mr A. I. Tamboli of my college who provided valuable suggestions in writing the book. I am thankful to my friends, Prof. S. L. Kotgire and Prof. Balaji Bacchewar for their suggestions and help, and to Mr M. M. Jahagirdar, Mr Medabalmewar, Mr Buddhewar L. M., Mr Buddhewar K. M., Mr D. V. Deshpande, Mr Kokne S. R., Damkondawar M, Mr R. D. Yeramwar, Mr Tumma S R, Mr Dhanmane and Mr S. R. Mana for supporting me while writing the book.

My special thanks go to Mr Santosh S. Partani, Mr Moreshwar Deshmukh and Mr Santosh Kotgaonkar for the earnest efforts made during preparation of this book. They pointed me critical issues in the book. Their thorough reviewing of topics and modifications suggested by them in the programs were a great helping in writing this book. Without their involvement, this book would not have been possible. I thank once again to them for efforts in typing the book.

I am thankful to all the students, faculty, non-teaching staff of this college and other friends who have directly or indirectly helped me in this book project.

Thanks are also due to my wife Surekha who provided moral support at all times during the preparation of the book. Finally, yet importantly, my sons Amol, Amit, and daughter Sangita were also a great help to me all the times. I thank all of them.