Acknowledgments – Designing for Emotion


This book would not be resting in your hands if not for the generous opportunity afforded me by Jeffrey Zeldman, Mandy Brown, and Jason Santa Maria. Katel LeDû planted the idea of a second edition of this book in my mind and has been a great supporter along the way. I’m honored to be the purple stripe in A Book Apart’s “rainbow of knowledge” and humbled to be part of such a brilliant lineup of authors.

I owe a great deal of thanks to Mandy Brown and Krista Stevens, who made me look like a better writer than I am in the first edition of this book, and Sally Kerrigan will forever have my gratitude for helping me find my way in this second edition. They were patient with me when I bumbled through tricky passages and kindly offered encouragement right when I needed it. Mandy, Krista, and Sally, you made writing this book fun, and for that, I thank you.

Whitney Hess shared invaluable feedback on early drafts of the first edition that kept me pointed in the right direction. I’m grateful to have had her expert opinion and eagle eye on this book.

I’m also grateful that my pal Jared Spool wrote such a lovely forward to this book, but more importantly, he saved me from blowing off the side of a hill in Vik, Iceland. That was a close one!

I spent a lot of time researching for this book, but I had some indispensable help from the Twitterverse. Thanks all who answered my late-night calls for help on Twitter. Tina Roth Eisenberg, you delivered some real gems!

Thank you, Rudy Adler, Kara DeFrais, Adam Glynn-Finnegan, and Sarah Parmenter, for taking the time to talk through the ideas in this book. Your stories and insights were invaluable.

Writing a book is hard work, and it helps to have a support system to keep your spirits high. My wife Jamie shouldered parenting duties to give me time to write and encouraged me when I needed it the most. It’s extraordinary to have someone so generous in my life.

Last but not least, I am the father to two amazing boys, Olivier and Bellamy, who have taught me more about emotion than I ever thought possible. I’m lucky to be their dad.