Acknowledgments – NHibernate in Action


We’d like to first express our thanks to all the core developers, contributors, and other community members who have helped make NHibernate a first-class open source tool. We’d also like to extend our thanks to those who have made the original Java Hibernate a success. Our thanks to Jim Bolla, Mike Doerfler, Paul Hatcher, Sergey Koshcheyev, Demetris Manikas, Fabio Maulo, Donald Mull, Bill Pierce, Dario Quintana, Ayende Rahien, Peter Smulovics, Michael Third, Kailuo Wang, Kevin Williams, and all the other contributors to NHibernate.

As with any book, this one has required huge quantities of time, effort, and patience. We’d like to thank the Manning Publications team for their incredible expertise and know-how. They’ve continually endeavored to make the best choices possible for the book and helped bring out the best from its authors. In particular, we’d like to thank publisher Marjan Bace, acquisitions editor Mike Stephens, as well as Tiffany Taylor, Katie Tennant, and Megan Yockey for their invaluable expertise, guidance, and feedback. A special thanks goes to our development editors, Frank Blackwell, Jackie Carter, and Cynthia Kane, who patiently initiated us in the art of book writing.

Our technical proofreaders gave their expert advice on the content of the book as we prepared it for publication. Many thanks to Ayende Rahien for reviewing the manuscript and writing a brilliant foreword. Also, thanks to Mark Monster for the questions, amendments, and suggestions he made to the final version of the manuscript.

The following technical reviewers took time out of their busy schedules to read the manuscript at various stages of development and offered their invaluable feedback, making this a much better book: Sergey Koshcheyev, John Tobler, Dan Hounshell, Alessandro Gallo, Robi Sen, Paul Wilson, Pete Helgren, Oren Eini, Doug Warren, Jim Geurts, Riccardo Audano, and Armand du Plessis.

Before this book went into print, many people purchased the PDF version of the chapters as they were being written through the Manning Early Access Program (MEAP). We’d like to thank those readers for their comments, support, and suggestions throughout the project, especially Adam Cooper, Darren Maidlow, Morten Mertner, Magnus Salgo, Benjamin VanEvery, Jan Van Ryswyck, Fabio Maulo, Paul Anderson, Damon Wilder Carr, Shane Courtrille, Jim Beveridge, Daren Fox, David Gadd, Jason Whitehorn, Gary Murchison, Muhammad Shehabeddeen, and Thomas Koch.

PIERRE HENRI KUATÉ would like to thank his family for always supporting him, and his friends at the Polelo Research Lab for their encouragement all along the way.

TOBIN HARRIS would like to thank his girlfriend, Georgina Reall, for her support, encouragement, and patience throughout the project! He would also like to thank his sister, Marnie, for her help and endless enthusiasm.