Appendix – Becoming the Change: Leadership Behavior Strategies for Continuous Improvement in Healthcare


The images provided here allow you to more easily reproduce them as standalone documents as you incorporate them in your journey.

FIGURE 1.1 Shingo Principles

FIGURE 2.1 Board Assessment Questionnaire

FIGURE 3.1 One of Mr. Dube’s Earliest Radar Charts That Helped Guide His Behavioral Change

FIGURE 6.1 A Sample of the Standards of Respect Card Deck

FIGURE 6.2 Stepping Up Respect: Manager Feedback. These are the questions to be answered by a manager’s selected review group.

FIGURE 6.3 Stepping Up Respect: Manager Feedback Report

FIGURE 7.1 Organizational Leadership Self-Assessment Questionnaire

FIGURE 8.1 A3 Personal Improvement

FIGURE 9.1 Radar Chart

FIGURE 9.2 Sample Effective Questions

FIGURE 9.3 Radar Chart with Scores

FIGURE 9.4 Willingness Wedge

FIGURE 9.5 Humility Wedge

FIGURE 9.6 Curiosity Wedge

FIGURE 9.7 Perseverance Wedge

FIGURE 9.8 Self-Discipline Wedge

FIGURE 10.1 X Matrix

FIGURE 10.2 The Basic X Matrix

FIGURE 10.3 True North Wedge

FIGURE 10.4 Breakthrough Strategies Wedge

FIGURE 10.5 Initiative Categories

FIGURE 10.6 Initiative Filter

FIGURE 10.7 Resources Wedge