Bookmark – Leather Crafts


A simple leather bookmark is the perfect project to begin learning the art of leathercraft and makes a nice small gift. The fringe is minimalist and simple. Use garment leather for a softer, less stiff bookmark, or vegetable-tanned leather for a thicker, sturdier bookmark.

Finished size

7×1½ inches (17.5×3.5cm)


1 piece garment leather (or 2–3 ounce [0.8–1.2 mm] vegetable-tanned leather), at least 7×1½ inches (17.5×3.5cm)



Bookmark Template (


Precision knife



Clamps (optional)

Techniques Used

Working with Templates

Cutting: Using a Straightedge

1 Prepare the template. Transfer the paper template pattern to cardstock and cut it out. The template has two versions—you can make the unfringed end squared off or pointed.

2 Transfer the template to leather. Using a mechanical pencil, mark the four corners of the template on the leather with a dot.

3 Cut the leather. Using the straightedge and precision knife, cut a rectangle by aligning the straightedge between the marks made in Step 2.

4 Cut the fringe. Hold the template down tightly or clamp it to the leather. Using the precision knife, cut the fringe by cutting through both the template and leather together. Start at the inside and cut outward to the edge. Be sure to make a clean cut all the way through.

For a more traditional bookmark tassel, don’t cut the fringe. Instead, punch a hole centered on one end. Fold a 6-inch (15cm) length of cord or ribbon in half, thread both ends partway through the hole in the leather and then through the folded loop of ribbon, and pull tight.