By the Same Author – Hurconomics for Talent Management: The Creation of a Business-driven HRD Missionary

Praise for the Book

“While [Hurconomics for Talent Management] navigates new territory as it deals with the economics of human resources, it also provides most useful tools for HR practitioners. Insights on subjects like PMS, talent acquisition, retention and attrition are dealt with in great detail and with alacrity. HR professionals as well as business leaders will find it difficult to put this book down once they start reading it.”

—Bhaskar Bhat, Managing Director, Titan Industries Ltd

Hurconomics for Talent Management provides a step-by-step approach for achieving outstanding short-term and long-term results by getting the most out of an increasingly scarce resource—talent. Dr T. V. Rao offers a fresh perspective that inextricably links people contribution to business success, thereby creating value for shareholders.”

—R. R. Nair, Former HR Director, Unilever

“Through this publication, Dr Rao addresses a long-pending HR issue—how to measure and make meaning of all HR-related activities, thereby demonstrating the business contribution the HR function can and should make.”

—E. Abraham S. J., Director, XLRI School of Business & Human Resources

Hurconomics for Talent Management by T. V. Rao provides a new approach to accord value to talent. Full of practical examples, the book provides refreshing insights that help realize the best from talent management practices. A timely and relevant message to the HR community.”

—Anil K. Khandelwal, Former Chairman and Managing Director, Bank of Baroda

“The use of this … in any organization—public or private—can lead to measurable improvement in employee time utilization, performance, and productivity so crucial in operationalizing the recommendations of the Sixth Central Pay Commission of the Government of India.”

—Ravindra Dholakia, Professor of Economics, IIM Ahmedabad, and Member, Sixth Central Pay Commission, Government of India

“A rare book that attempts to put a financial value on human transactions in organizational settings with a view to utilize and enhance human potential.”

—Vijay Govindarajan, Professor, Tuck School of Business, and First Professor in Residence and Chief Innovation Consultant at GE

“I find the book very timely and thought provoking.”

—Sunil Maheswari, Professor, IIM Ahmedabad