Chapter 3: An Appointment with Destiny – In Quest of the Last Victory

An Appointment with Destiny
The Accident: Fate Strikes Hard
uring our training in the Army, we were told that if you
think the enemy can attack from any of the three possible
directions, he will attack from the fourth. The same is true
for our lives as well. Although all mandatory activities for completing
the training were over, there was one competition still to go, an inter-
company infantry obstacle crossing competition. It was not even a
mandatory activity but a prestigious competition for the company to
try and win. A set of 17 obstacles spread over an area of the size of two
football fi elds, consisting of balances you walk over, pits you jump
over, walls you climb and jump over, ramps you run and jump over, bars
to cross with different means, ropes to swing and tunnels and barbed
wires to crawl under, culminating with a few waist-high bars that you
jump over to reach the fi nish line. A company team of fi fty young men
goes over the obstacle course at one time and each individual is timed
to see which company performs best and deserves the trophy. The
last semester I had missed the fi rst enclosure by a whisker. This time