Chapter 9 Conclusion – Managing Organizational Change



A book can provide information, insight, detailed instructions, and even examples and templates that support its underlying premise. But, it cannot improve the quality of a change solution, provide better business outcomes, or build acceptance and compliance within a stakeholder community. In fact, a book cannot add any value at all, because adding value requires action.

My hope is that, after reading this book, you will understand that all successful business change is dependent on successful individual change; that there are proven processes for identifying and overcoming barriers to change; and that a well-thought-out, integrated approach to implementing change reaps far greater rewards than simply adding some organizational change management tasks to an existing change plan. And that, based on this understanding, you will choose to take action.

In 500 BC, the Greek philosopher Heraclitus told us “Change is the only constant in life.” While the focus of this book has been on providing a roadmap for applying proven change principles in the workplace, there is no reason you should not benefit by applying them to changes within your personal life as well. The personal story that I shared with you to prove this point was unimaginably difficult, and I hope that none of you will ever need to navigate a change of that nature. But the truth is, I have used the same principles to plan vacations, come to a consensus with my spouse when buying furniture, and negotiate positive outcomes with service providers—and in each case, the results have been far better than they would have been had I not taken the time to think about what outcomes I wanted, what was important to the other people involved, and ultimately, what I could do to move others to support a successful outcome. Perhaps, in my next book I will explain how, after buying a new car that turned out to be a lemon, I was eventually able to move the car company (not the dealership), to give me back 100 percent of the purchase price, plus the taxes I paid, plus pay me for all of the time I spent trying to have the situation rectified.

So now, regardless of how big or small the change is that you want to accomplish, I hope this book has inspired you to do something different now than you would have done in the past.