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Chapter 1 Snapshot of Professional Sales Today

Chapter 2 What the Qualitive Research Confirms

Chapter 3 Yesterday’s versus Today’s Sales Environment

Chapter 4 Bullying in Sales & What Motivates the Lying Boss

Chapter 5 Personal Problems We Encounter in Sales

Chapter 6 Are We Expendable in Selling Today and What Value You Bring to the Company?

Chapter 7 The Big Divide Between Marketing and Sales: And How It Will Affect You in Sales?

Chapter 8 Ethics in Sales

Chapter 9 Training or the Lack of It

Chapter 10 What Is Your Me Brand and Selling Style?

Chapter 11 Getting Down to Sales Technique and Planning

Chapter 12 Overview of Learning the Great Skill to Sell—the Fun Part

Chapter 13 How to Ultimately Tell the Buying Signs of Your Customer



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