Contents – User Interface Design for Programmers





CHAPTER 1 Controlling Your Environment Makes You Happy

CHAPTER 2 Figuring Out What They Expected

                         How Do I Know What the User Model Is?

                         If Your Program Model Is Nontrivial, It's Probably Not the Same As the User Model

CHAPTER 3 Choices

CHAPTER 4 Affordances and Metaphors


                         Tabbed Dialogs

CHAPTER 5 Broken Metaphors

                         Obeying Physics

                         Multiple Rows of Tabs

                         Those Pesky Navigation Tabs

CHAPTER 6 Consistency and Other Hobgoblins

CHAPTER 7 Putting the User in Charge

                         Interactive Computing

CHAPTER 8 Design for Extremes

CHAPTER 9 People Can't Read

CHAPTER 10 People Can't Control the Mouse

                         Snap to Border

CHAPTER 11 People Can't Remember

                         Designing for People Who Have Better Things to Do with Their Lives, Redux

CHAPTER 12 The Process of Designing a Product

                         Imaginary Users

                         Watch Out for Unintended Consequences

CHAPTER 13 Those Pesky Usability Tests

                         A Story of Silicon Jungle

                         A Bitter Descent into Reality

CHAPTER 14 Relativity: Understanding UI Time Warps

                         Days Are Seconds

                         Months Are Minutes

                         Seconds Are Hours

CHAPTER 15 But...How Do It Know?"

CHAPTER 16 Tricks of the Trade

                         Know How to Use Color

                         Know How to Use Icons

                         Know the Rules of Internationalization

CHAPTER 17 Designing for the Web

                         On the Web, Nobody Knows You're on the Moon

                         HTML Is Not a Windowing System

                         Use the Web Browser's UI

CHAPTER 18 Programming for Humans

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