Dedication – Market Economy and Urban Change



My late father, Cedric Pugh, was born in London in 1938. He then experienced the world, with its various colours, before returning to England where he spent his last years in his beloved cottage in the Peak District. Cedric died in 2001 after a noble struggle with a rare disease called dermatomyositis. At the time of his death, Cedric was based at Sheffield Hallam University, where he was professor of urban economic development.

Cedric was a prolific writer and researcher. He was the author of numerous books, international journal articles and commissioned reports. His academic work sought to advance welfare rights in developing countries, and to influence policies for the masses in poverty. As an international social and urban economist, he was engaged in many projects, and he travelled, worked and lived in many countries. His efforts won him much acclaim and some prestigious awards.

Those who have visited Cedric's cottage will remember it filled with guests of all nationalities enjoying conversation, music, food and wine. They will also remember that every surface was covered with Cedric's research papers dedicated to a world free of oppression – a lovely, and appropriate, way for Cedric to be remembered, as is this book dedicated to his memory.

Tania Pugh

April, 2004