Endnotes – Foundations and applications of Indian psychology, 2e, 2nd Edition


1 In a post-script to the Structure of Scientific Revolutions in its second edition, Kuhn distanced himself from the relativistic claims. But experts are of the opinion that his claims are relativistic given the way he has advocated the process of change and switch in paradigms, sometimes comparing them to religious and political conversions where not much of reason and logic are involved (for details see Chalmers, 1999, pp. 122-123).

2 I do not suggest that the realizations of Self and prajñā result in the same spiritual state. If that were the case, the Vedāntins and Buddhists would not have had such vigorous debates as they did in the past. I am of the view that they result in different spiritual states; however, there is a commonality to both in that they for their respective realizations require the transcendence of logical and discursive faculty.