Foreword by Milkha Singh* – In Quest of the Last Victory

Foreword by Milkha Singh
In Quest of the Last Victory is a motivational story that everyone
should read. It is the real-life story of a young boy who faces setbacks,
diffi culties and losses in his life; yet he is not disheartened and over-
comes all obstacles to achieve success. I am very glad that Pearson
Education has decided to publish this book as it will serve as a good
motivation to all students—in fact to everyone.
The story has been told in a very interesting and captivating way.
The book captivates the reader and holds the reader’s interest all the
way till the end. The author takes us through his life-threatening ex-
periences and shares how he overcame them. He takes us through the
tales of his repeated failures and untiring, consistent efforts in his quest
for success in sports and education, with interesting quotes along
the way that summarize the lessons Gulia learnt through his struggle.
The story emphasizes the importance of being a sportsman, not
only in the fi eld of sport but also in life. The lessons that one learns in
sports holds one in good stead in every battle of life. I am a sportsman
and I understand this very well. I am very glad that Gulia has covered
this aspect in his book.
I am so glad to have met the author personally and I am happy
that his story is being published in a book form.
I strongly recommend In Quest of the Last Victory to everyone. My
best wishes and blessings are with Navin Gulia for the success of this
book and for all his future endeavours. With his kind of determina-
tion, I am sure he will succeed.
Milkha Singh, the fi rst Indian Athlete to reach the Olympic fi nals, is also
independent India’s fi rst Gold Medalist at the Commonwealth Games.
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