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Hardware: Riveting

Rivets are strong and secure connectors used to fasten one piece of leather to another. Take care when riveting, because rivets are permanent. You can’t take a rivet out without drilling the metal away.



Double cap rivet


Mechanical pencil

Hole punch, #2


Cutting mat


Techniques Used

Punching: Using Hole Punches

1 Measure and mark the rivet holes. On each piece of leather, mark the center point of the desired location for the rivet using a mechanical pencil.

2 Punch rivet holes. On each piece of leather, punch the rivet holes where marked using the #2 hole punch on a cutting mat.

3 Insert the rivet. Insert the rivet post through the holes of both pieces of leather to be riveted together, with the flat surface of the rivet face down on the cutting mat.

4 Insert the rivet cap. Insert the rivet cap onto the rivet post. You should feel it gently “pop” into place.

5 Set the rivet. Aim the hammer vertically onto the cap and gently strike the rivet with the hammer two or three times.

Double cap rivets are a forgiving beginner’s rivet. Tubular rivets provide more structural integrity, but require a rivet setter.