Index – Agile ALM: Lightweight tools and Agile strategies




!path ./myclasses
@BeforeClass annotation
@BeforeSuite annotation
@BeforeTest annotation
@DataProvider annotation
@Delegate annotation
@Test annotation2nd
|script| row
|start| command


acceptance style
acceptance test-driven development.
    See ATDD.
acceptance testing2nd
  gluing tests and processing documents
  running tests
accidental complexity
ACID (Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, and Durability)
ActionFixture class
activating tasks
Active Directory authentication
add() method
additional Bamboo Builds tab
admin screen, JIRA
advanced permission settings
aggregation, inheritance and
    and project management
    component repository
    process pitfall
    productive workspaces
    quality, standards, and release cycles
    version control and single coding stream
Agile ALM infrastructure
Agile ALM summary
Agile ALM system
Agile application lifecycle management.
    See ALM.
Agile ecosystem
Agile Manifesto
Agile menu
Agile Planner tool
Agile practices, with Groovy language
  Groovy Maven ecosystem
  low ceremony and scripting
  testing with easyb and Spock frameworks
Agile project management
Agile teams
Agile-Trac plug-in
agnostic regarding tools
Airport class
AirportSteps classes
ALM (Agile application lifecycle management)
  building blocks of
    configuration, customization, and plugins
    open source culture
    polyglot programming
    service orientation
    stakeholder focus
    task-based and outside-in development
    views on release management
  description of
  evolution of software engineering
  example use case
  with lightweight tooling
ALM approach
ALM environment
Amazon Web Services.
    See AWS.
Ant approach
Ant language, FTP communication with
Ant tool, running tests with
AntRun plug-in
Apache POI library
API-breaking changes
application containers, interfacing with Cargo tool
Archetype plug-in
archetype project
artifact bootstrapping
artifact types2nd
artifactId coordinate2nd
artifactId data
Artifactory build info
Artifactory button
Artifactory commercial version
Artifactory Configuration section
Artifactory plug-in
Artifactory project2nd3rd
Artifactory repository manager
  enterprise component repository
  staging artifacts in
Artifactory server
Artifactory UI2nd3rd
    See also reference.
  multiple, with assemblies
    and promoting
    in Artifactory repository manager
  assembly command
  multiple web apps with
Assembly plug-in
AST Transformations
ATDD (acceptance test-driven development)
ational Unified Process
Atlassian Confluence wiki2nd
Atlassian Connector for Eclipse
Atlassian tool
atomic deployments, with Jenkins/Artifactory bridge
atomic VCS commit
Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, and Durability.
    See ACID.
attaching context information
  with Jenkins server
  with Sonar tool
Auto-generated settings.xml files
automated acceptance tests
automated deployment process
automatic property setting
automatic testing
AWS (Amazon Web Services)


backup POM files
balanced scorecard approach.
    See BCS.
Bamboo builds
Bamboo documentation
Bamboo integration in JIRA
Bamboo plug-in
Bamboo Release Management plug-in
Bamboo server, build view with
Bamboo web application2nd3rd
barrier-free approach2nd3rd
barrier-free approaches
barrier-free development
barrier-free experience
bash script
BCS (balanced scorecard) approach
BDD (behavior-driven development)3rd7th
  in FitNesse tool
    GivWenZen tool
  isolating systems with Mockito tool
  Scala language
    build ecosystem of
    specs2 library
BDD artifacts
BDD frameworks
BDD style
BDD tests
Beck, Kent
behavior-driven development.
    See BDD.
big bang integrations
binaries, managing in conjunction with sources
binary artifacts
black box tests
blame storming
bottom level approach
branch by abstraction approach
branches, release
branching strategies
branching, for feature branchdriven CI
breaking feature-branch CI
breaking locks
broken builds
broken code
Browse Source tab, Trac
bug tracking, with Trac Tool
  Roadmap tab and tickets
  timeline and sources
bugfix branch
build agents, and cloud computing
Build Browser
build ecosystems, of Scala language
build fragments, running in Jenkins server
build lifecycle
build numbers, injecting into applications
build pipelines
build scripts
build section2nd
Build server job setups
build view, with Bamboo server
  .NET framework, using TeamCity tool to trigger
  congruent, and workspace management
  remote, with TeamCity integration server
  using MSBuild system to build .NET framework projects
Builds panel
built-in Power Assert command
built-in project descriptor
built-in support, for JUnit
built-in testing
burn-down chart artifact
burn-down charts2nd
business values
business-facing tests


CalculatorTest class
CalendarEditor class
calendars, release planning
Capability Maturity Model Integration.
    See CMMI.
Captain Hooks
capture and replay.
    See CR.
caret character
Cargo Maven2 plug-in
Cargo tool, interfacing application containers with
central repository
central servers
ceremony, reducing
change control function
change enablers
check command
    See changesets.
Checkstyle plug-in
Checkstyle tool
CI (continuous integration)2nd3rd4th12th
  automatic testing and inspections
  continuous delivery and deployment
  Conway's law
  description of
  synchronization and continuous improvement
  virtuous cycle
CI (continuous integration) tools
  .NET framework
    using MSBuild system to build projects
    using TeamCity tool to trigger builds
  Cobol platform
    FTP communication
    preconditions for
  Git VCS, and git-svn bridge for feature branchdriven
  Jenkins server
  and triggering jobs
  injecting build numbers into applications
  installing and configuring Jenkins/Artifactory bridge
  Jenkins dashboard and Jenkins jobs
  running build fragments in
  staging artifacts
  web apps for multiple environments
  applying different configurations
  multiple artifacts with assemblies
  using distribution profile and executing example
CI infrastructure
classifier search
clean lifecycle
clean release, prepare
ClearCase tool2nd
cloud approach
cloud computing, and build agents
CMMI (Capability Maturity Model Integration)
coarse-grained working unit
Cobertura tool2nd3rd
CobiT (Control Objectives for Information and related Technology)
Cobol applications
Cobol artifacts2nd
Cobol development
Cobol platform
  FTP communication with Ant language
    with Java language
  preconditions for
Cobol sources2nd
Cobol support
CocaColaMachine class
code branches
code changes
code freeze
code freeze interval
code freeze phase
coding streams, single
Cohn, Mike
collaborative development
  Agile practices and polyglot programming with Groovy language
    Groovy Maven ecosystem
    low ceremony and scripting
    testing with easyb and Spock frameworks
    Scala build ecosystem
    with Scala language specs2 library
collaborative testing
  acceptance tests
  data-driven tests
  executable specifications
  ubiquitous language
command-line commands
command-line tool
commercial add-ons
commit (put changes)
commit operation
commit-triggered featurebranch CI build
commitments, release
common-testsuite.xml file
Commons Net library
communication points
compilation errors
compile scope
compile-time AST Transformations
Compiled Cobol sources
complex multimodule settings
component repositories2nd3rd7th
  Artifactory repository manager
  managing sources and binaries in conjunction
  using subversion to serve
component teams
comprehensive documentation
Concurrent Versions System.
    See CVS.
config.xml file
configurable relational database
configuration audit function
configuration environments, visual
configuration identification
configuration identification function
configuration items2nd3rd
configurations, applying different
Confluence plug-in
congruent build management2nd3rd
connection element
consecutive CI break
construction phase
containers, application
  interfacing with Cargo tool
continuous build
continuous building jobs
continuous delivery
continuous improvement2nd3rd
continuous inspection
continuous integration.
    See CI.
continuous risk management
contract negotiation
Control Objectives for Information and related Technology.
    See CobiT.
convenient browsing
Conway’s law
copy-everything execution ID
copy-modify-merge model
corporate release calendar
CR (capture and replay)
created artifacts
createFlight method2nd
creating a baseline approach
CRM (customer relationship management)
cron-like syntax
cross-functional process
cross-functional team.
    See feature teams.
cross-project knowledge
CruiseControl server
cryptographic key
cryptography, using with Maven tool
Currency object
customer collaboration
customer relationship management.
    See CRM.
customer-centric acceptance tests
CVS (Concurrent Versions System)2nd
cycle time


daily Scrum
dashboards, Jenkins server jobs and
data access
data definition languages.
    See DDLs.
data manipulation language.
    See DML.
data synchronization
data-aggregation support
data-driven testing2nd
  testing web UI
  TestNG framework and datadriven approach
  with Microsoft Excel
  with XStream library
database administrators.
    See DBAs.
database elements
database owners.
    See DBO.
DBAs (database administrators)2nd
DBO (database owners)
DDLs (data definition languages)
death sprints
default Trac installation
DefaultSelenium class
DelayFlightWithAirportTaxiTime Test
    See artifact.
delivery slots
delivery, continuous
delta release
DeMarco, Tom
demilitarized zone.
    See DMZ.
dependencies, POMs and
dependency injection, isolation and
Dependency JAR
dependency management
dependency manager
dependencySet element
deploy standard lifecycle phase
deployments, atomic
  with Jenkins/Artifactory bridge
descriptorRefs section
descriptors element
design phase
dev WAR file
developer branches
developer checks
developerConnection section
developing Cobol applications
development activity
development efforts
development environment
  congruent builds and workspace management
  interfacing application containers with Cargo tool
  isolating systems with Mockito tool
    behavior-driven development
    equals() method
    favorite static imports
    in test-driven development
    isolation and dependency injection
    organizing static imports
    remote builds with TeamCity integration server
development phases2nd
development process
development team
DevOps movement
distributed VCS
distribution management servers
distribution profiles
distributionManagement section2nd3rd4th
DML (data manipulation language)
DMZ (demilitarized zone)
documents, processing
domain language
Domain-Driven Design
domain-specific languages.
    See DSLs.
double maintenance problem
dry-run feature
DSLs (domain-specific languages)2nd3rd
Dummy object
Duvall, Paul M.


easyb framework, testing with
EasyB stories
EC2 (Elastic Cloud Computing)
Eclipse bundle
Eclipse editor
Eclipse IDE
Eclipse Maven classpath container
Eclipse OSGi
Eclipse plug-ins2nd3rd4th
Eclipse standard distribution
Eclipse task view
Eclipse TeamCity Remote Run dialog box
Eclipse tool
Eclipse-based task framework2nd3rd4th
  Maven tool
  Maven, with Groovy language
  Scala language build
efficient comparison
elaboration phase
Elastic Cloud Computing.
    See EC2.
email alerts
encapsulate data
enforce-once goal
Enforcer plug-in
engineering activities
enter command
environment-specific application properties
environment-specific configuration files
environment-specific data
environment-specific information
environments, multiple
equals() method2nd
error-prone copying
error-prone way
errors, cost of repairing
Excel documents
Excel library
Excel, Microsoft.
    See Microsoft Excel.
executable specifications
expandproperties command
extensions construct
external DSLs
external libraries
Extreme Programming


failed tests
fallback strategies
fast feedback cycles
fast-running builds
favorite static imports
feature branch-driven CI
feature branching
  Lone Ranger problem
feature teams
FEST (Fixtures for Easy Software Testing) framework, acceptance testing with
  gluing tests and processing document
  running tests
FEST tool
File Transfer Protocol communication.
    See FTP.
fileSet element
Fine-grained permission system2nd
finger pointing
first-class citizens
FishEye browser
FishEye tool2nd
FishEye, integrated into JIRA2nd3rd
Fit (Framework for Integrated Test) framework, acceptance testing with
  gluing tests and processing document
  running tests
Fit spec
Fit tool
Fit/FitNesse model
FitNesse server2nd
FitNesse tool, BDD in
  GivWenZen tool
FitNesseRoot folder
fixed constants
Fixtures for Easy Software Testing framework.
    See FEST.
flat files
flight-scheduling program
flightArrivesAt method
floating labels
flow, and locking
fluent interface
folder structures
force attribute
forms, specs2 library
Fowler, Martin
Framework for Integrated Test framework.
    See Fit.
frozen zone2nd
FTP (File Transfer Protocol) communication
  with Ant language
  with Java language
FTP client
FTP server
full release
full-fledged repository manager
fully data-driven
function point analyses
functional release management
functional tests2nd3rd4th


Gaelyk framework
GAV coordinates
GDK (Groovy Development Toolkit)
generate-assembly profile2nd
generate-sources phase
git blame
Git push
Git tool2nd
Git VCS, and git-svn bridge for feature branch-driven CI
git-svn bridge, Lone Ranger problem
given component
Given phrase
given/when/then format
GivWenZen tool
gluing, tests
GnuPG project
goals, lifecycles, phases and
Gradle framework
Grails applications
Grails framework
GreenHopper burn-down charts
GreenHopper planning board
GreenHopper view2nd
Griffon framework
Groovy artifact
Groovy class
Groovy code
Groovy Development Toolkit.
    See GDK.
Groovy ecosystem
Groovy language, Agile practices and polyglot programming
  Groovy Maven ecosystem
  low ceremony and scripting
  testing with easyb and Spock frameworks
Groovy meta-programming2nd
Groovy scripting
groupId coordinate2nd3rd
Growing OO Software


hardening phase
headless running mode-running tests
helper method
high-level processes
high-level solution
high-level tasks
History object
    See also triggers.
horizontal slicing
HTML elements
HTML files
HTTP communication protocol
HTTP GET requests
hub infrastructure
Hudson Trac Plugin
Hudson/Artifactory integration
Hudson/Jenkins plug-in
Hudson/Jenkins server2nd


IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service)
id element
ID generate-assembly
ID nightly
IDE view2nd
idle time
IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers)
IM (instant messaging)
impediment list artifact
implicit variable
imports, static
improvement, continuous
inception phase
include feature
include.projects element
independent release management function
individual class statements
Infrastructure as a Service.
    See IaaS.
inheritance, and aggregation
init method
initMocks method
instant messaging.
    See IM.
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers.
    See IEEE.
integrated toolchains
integrated tools
  and release management function
  Maven tool feature set
  Maven tool, component repositories
  of TeamCity tool
integration build2nd3rd
integration management
integration test
integration tools
IntelliJ IDEA2nd
interfacing, application containers with Cargo tool
isEmpty method
isolated code stream
isolated sandbox
isolating systems, with Mockito tool
  behavior-driven development
  equals() method
  favorite static imports
  in test-driven development
  isolation and dependency injection
  organizing static imports
isolation, and dependency injection
items field
ITIL (IT infrastructure library)
Ivy modules


J2EE/JEE web application
JAR files
java -jar ./lib/fitnesse.jar
Java artifacts
Java class2nd
Java classpath approach
Java Content Repository.
    See JCR.
Java libraries
Java property files
Java syntax
Java Virtual Machine.
    See JVM.
javadoc artifacts
Javadoc documents
Javadoc files
Jazz Integration Architecture
JCL (job control language)2nd
JCR (Java Content Repository)
Jenkins Artifactory plug-in
Jenkins build job page
Jenkins build number
Jenkins Build Pipeline plugin
Jenkins configuration panel
Jenkins dashboard
Jenkins Deploy plug-in
Jenkins integrations
Jenkins server
  and triggering jobs
    with Jenkins server
    with Sonar tool
  injecting build numbers into applications
  installing and configuring Jenkins/Artifactory bridge
    atomic deployments with Jenkins/Artifactory bridge
  Jenkins dashboard and Jenkins jobs
  running build fragments in
  staging artifacts
    and promoting
    in Artifactory repository manager
Jenkins user interface
Jenkins workspace
jenkins.build_number key
Jenkins/Artifactory bridge
  installing and configuring
    atomic deployments with Jenkins/Artifactory bridge
Jenkins/Artifactory integration
JetBrains bug tracker
JetBrains TeamCity
JIRA admin screen
JIRA connector
JIRA issues
JIRA plug-in
JIRA state/workflow system
JIRA Studio
JIRA ticket
JIRA tool
JIRA versions map
jiraissues macro
jiraportlet macro
job control language.
    See JCL.
JSON object
JUnit format XML output
JUnit tests2nd3rd
JUnit XML files
JVM (Java Virtual Machine)2nd
JVM ecosystem


Kaplan, Robert S.
key/value pairs


language-the Rhino JavaScript engine
languages, ubiquitous
Larman, Craig
last-minute bugs
late binding
LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol)
LDAP groups authorization
Lean approach
Lean software development
Leffingwell, Dean
legacy code
lifecycle activities
lifecycle management
lifecycles phases, goals and
Lightweight Directory Access Protocol.
    See LDAP.
lightweight tooling
Linux-based systems
listener collaborator
Lister, Timothy
load modules
local environment
local Git repository
local servers
Lone Ranger problem
low ceremony
lower-left quadrant


m2eclipse Eclipse plug-in
machine object
magic barrel
managed environment
management support
manual acceptance tests
Martin, Robert C.
Matrix project
Maven AntRun plug-in
Maven approach
Maven artifacts
Maven Assembly plugin
Maven based project
Maven build
Maven Cargo plug-in
Maven compile classpath
Maven Dependency plug-in2nd
Maven Deploy plug-in
Maven ecosystem, with Groovy language
Maven Enforcer plug-in
Maven Failsafe plug-in
Maven FitNesse plug-in
Maven GPG plug-in
Maven Jetty plug-in
Maven modules
Maven POM2nd
Maven profiles
Maven project2nd
Maven property
Maven Release plug-in2nd3rd
Maven SCM plug-in
Maven scripts
Maven Site plug-in
Maven site, running tests with Maven tool and adding to
Maven Surefire plug-in2nd3rd
Maven tool2nd
  component repositories
    Artifactory repository manager
    managing sources and binaries in conjunction
    using subversion to serve
  feature set
    inheritance and aggregation
    lifecycles, phases, and goals
    POMs and dependencies
  releasing with
    creating branch and preparing
    final tooling
    Maven tool plugins
    using cryptography with
  running tests with and adding to Maven site
Maven-based build
maven.test.skip property
media, minimizing
  daily Scrum
  release planning
META-INF folders
Microsoft .NET
Microsoft Excel, data-driven testing with
Microsoft's Team Foundation Server
Mills, Harlan
minimalistic approach
minimizing media
mirrorOf element
Mock object
mocking capabilities
mocking technique2nd
Mockito features
Mockito framework
Mockito tool, isolating systems with
  behavior-driven development
  equals() method
  favorite static imports
  in test-driven development
  isolation and dependency injection
  organizing static imports
modules section
Money class
monolithic build job
moving targets
MSBuild framework
MSBuild system, using to build .NET framework projects
Multi project
multimodule project
multiple check-ins
Multiproject support
MVC structure
mvn clean install site command
mvn clean jetty
mvn clean package
mvn deploy
mvn install
mvn release
myFirstRelease branch
Mylyn framework2nd3rd
Mylyn monitors
Mylyn subprojects
Mylyn tool2nd


name element
needs-lock property
.NET artifacts
.NET framework
  using MSBuild system to build projects
  using TeamCity tool to trigger builds
    build agents and cloud computing
    visual configuration environment
.NET projects2nd
network filesystem
nightly build
non-Java artifact types


object-oriented language2nd
obligatory character
one size fits all infrastructure
one-medium approach
open Agile ALM infrastructure
Open Services for Lifecycle Collaboration.
    See OSLC.
open source culture, and standards
Open source project teams
open source tools
Open Systems Interconnection.
    See OSI.
OpenPGP Message Format
OpenPGP standard
organizational borders
OSGi apps
OSGi bundles2nd
OSI (Open Systems Interconnection)
OSLC (Open Services for Lifecycle Collaboration)2nd3rd
Outlook tasks
outside-in approach2nd
outside-in development


PaaS (Platform as a Service)
Page button, Trac entry page
panta rhei
personalized configuration settings
phases, lifecycles, goals and
ping-pong programming
Planner tool, Agile
planning board, GreenHopper
Platform as a Service.
    See PaaS.
platform-opaque content
platform-specific resource folder
  Cargo Maven2
  Jenkins Artifactory
  Jenkins Build Pipeline
  Jenkins Deploy
  m2eclipse Eclipse
  Maven AntRun
  Maven Assembly plugin
  Maven Cargo
  Maven Dependency2nd
  Maven Deploy
  Maven Enforcer
  Maven Failsafe
  Maven FitNesse
  Maven GPG
  Maven Jetty
  Maven Release2nd3rd
  Maven SCM
  Maven Site
  Maven Surefire2nd3rd
  Maven tool
  Selenium Maven
polyglot programming2nd
POM build section
POM snippet
POM version2nd3rd
pom.xml files2nd
POMs (project object models), and dependencies
post-unlock hook trigger
postcommit hook trigger
postlock hook trigger
pre-check-in tests
pre-unlock hook trigger
precommit hook trigger
prelock hooks
prepare-release profile
prepareRelease parameter
press command
private builds2nd
problematic change-sets
process models
process pitfall
  change enablers
  configuration items
  effectiveness and efficiency
produced modules
product backlog artifact
product category
product owner role
production operators
production-level repositories
productive development environments
productive workspaces
programming, polyglot
project activities
project artifacts
project managers
project object models.
    See POMs.
project phases
project roles
project tracking tool, JIRA
promoting, artifacts
  and staging
promotion build
properties.xml file
property editors, Java language
  and GivWenZen tool
proxy repository
public boolean createFlight(Calendar departureTime)
public Object Given(String methodString)
public repository
Published Modules tab
pyramid of steadiness


QA testing
quality gates2nd3rd4th
quality pitcher


rapid application development
Rational Quality Manager
Rational Requirements Composer
rational unified process.
    See RUP.
RCP (rich client platform)
ready to go tool suites
real-time notifications
Redmine tool
Registrations class
regression tests
  content of
    and tests
    release container and release 0
  duration of
  perform goal
  planning meeting
  planning vehicles
  prepare goal2nd
  stage goal
  types and categories of
release backlog
release category
release cycles
release durations
release kickoff
release management2nd3rd4th
  integration and release management function
  Maven tool, releasing with
release manager
Release plug-in2nd file
release/build/deploy/config block
releaseProfiles element
releasing, with Maven tool
  creating branch and preparing release
  final tooling
  Maven tool plug-ins
remote (HTTP) server
remote builds, with TeamCity integration server
remote repository
reporting section2nd
repositories synchronize people
repositories, component2nd
  Artifactory repository manager
  managing sources and binaries in conjunction
  using subversion to serve
repository browser
repository element
repository event
repository manager
requirement-based approaches
requireReleaseDeps rule
resources/costs pitcher
return on investment.
    See ROI.
RIA (rich internet application)
rich client platform.
    See RCP.
rich internet application.
    See RIA.
risk management
ROI (return on investment)2nd
rolling back approach
rolling wave planning
Royce, Winston W.
rules, enforcing with hooks
run mvn clean install
runtime configuration settings
RUP (rational unified process)


SaaS (Software as a Service)
safety checks
sandbox (your workspace)
sanity checks
sanity test
Scala artifacts
Scala wrapper classes
SCM (software configuration management)2nd5th
  basics of
  development of
SCM checklist
SCM configuration
scope pitcher
screenplays, release planning
Scrum Agile methodology
Scrum framework
Scrum master role
Scrum release management
    delivery slots, frozen zone, and code freeze
    feature teams, component teams, and caretakers
    progress and size of working units
    quality gates
    release, 2nd
    staging software
    synchronization points
  introduction to
  release planning
  Subversion version control system
    flow and locking
    one-medium approach
Scrum template
SDLC (software development lifecycles)2nd
secure copy (scp)2nd
Selenium Core
Selenium framework, testing web UI with
Selenium Maven plug-in
Selenium RC ( Selenium Remote Control )2nd
Selenium tool
self-hosted proxy repository
self-hosted repository managers
sell() method
semantic correctness
server-based VCS
servers, Jenkins.
    See Jenkins server.
service orientation, SaaS, IaaS, PaaS
service provider interface.
    See SPI.
service-oriented architecture.
    See SOA.
settings.xml file2nd
SetUp wiki page
shadow processes
shared data problem
short release cycles
Siemens Corporate Research and Technologies
signal files
single-select dropdown
single-sourcing product information
site element
site lifecycle
slicing of features
slicing of functionality
SLIM test system
smoke tests2nd3rd
snapshotRepository element2nd
snapshots artifacts
SOA (service-oriented architecture)
Software as a Service.
    See SaaS.
software configuration management.
    See SCM.
software craftsmanship
software development lifecycles.
    See SDLC.
software engineering, evolution of
software, staging
Sonar tool, auditing with
source repositories
Source tab
source-control repository
  managing in conjunction with binaries
  Trac tool
  tracking changes with Fisheye tool
specification by example
specification-based DSL
specification-oriented technique
specs2 library
SPI (service provider interface)
spiral model
Spock code
Spock framework, testing with
Spring support, for JUnit
sprint (release) backlog artifact
src/test/java folder2nd
stable states
staged builds2nd
staging build
staging in Artifactory
staging ladder
staging software
stagingRepository parameter
  focus on
  using Subversion
standard distribution, Eclipse
standard TestNG report
start command
Start-commit hook trigger
state object
state-of-the-art releasing
state/workflow system, JIRA
static HTML
static imports
status accounting
status accounting function
steadiness pyramid
stealing locks
story-based DSL
streams, coding single
structural database changes
structural releases
suboptimal collaboration
Subversion hooks
Subversion repository2nd
Subversion revisions
Subversion tool
Subversion VCSs2nd
Subversion version control system
  flow and locking
  one-medium approach
Subversion-based Maven repository
subversion, using to serve repository
Sun/Oracle code conventions
Super POM2nd
svn copy
SVN hooks
SVN repository
SVN tag location
svn unlock word.doc
Swing application
SWT applications
synchronization points5th
  daily Scrum
  release planning meeting
system infrastructure


TAG folder
tagBase element
.tar.gz format
task AGILEALM-10
task view, Eclipse
task-based build process
task-based development2nd3rd
  prerequisites for
    coordinating changes
    build view with Bamboo server
    Eclipse and Mylyn tools
    JIRA tool
    tracking source changes, with FishEye tool
  Trac tool, bug tracking and project management
    Roadmap tab and tickets
    timeline and sources
  associating changesets with
TDD (test-driven development)2nd3rd
TDD practices
TDD style2nd
Team Foundation Server
TeamCity dashboard
TeamCity integration server, remote builds with
TeamCity tool, using to trigger .NET framework builds
teamicide techniques
technical implementation view
technical release management
technical releasing
technical tests
technology-facing tests
TELL interactions
temporary files
test matrix
Test spy
Test stub
test-driven development.
    See TDD.
testAdd() method
testDataTable method
TestNG test method
TestNG test tool2nd3rd
testng.xml files
TestNG’s DataProvider
  content of release and
text-based JIRA approach
then steps
ticketing system
tickets, Trac tool
time pitcher
time-based estimations
timeboxed approach
timed builds
Timeline tab
timeline view
timeline, Trac tool
tool integrations
tool-centric approach
  build view with Bamboo server
  Eclipse and Mylyn tools
  JIRA tool
  tracking source changes with FishEye tool
toString() method
toUpperCase method
Trac Browse Source tab
Trac project
Trac roadmap
Trac timeline
Trac tool, bug tracking and project management with
  installing Trac tool
  Roadmap tab and tickets
  timeline and sources
Trac toolchain2nd3rd4th
Trac wiki
transition phase
Translator object
transparent processes
triple double-quotes
turnaround times, reducing


ubiquitous language
UI (user interface)
UI controls
UI tests
UML diagrams
unambiguous language
uniqueVersion configuration option
unit specification style
unit tests
Unread tickets
Unscheduled area
update (pull changes)
update problem
url element
user activity
user interface behavior
user interface.
    See UI.
user-defined parameters


value pairs, Agile Manifesto
value system
VCS (version-control systems)2nd3rd
VCS base URL
VCS branches
VCS browser
VCS changesets
VCS head
VCS in Eclipse
VCS mainline
VCS setup
VCS system2nd3rd
VCS tag
VCS tag base URL
VCS tools
vehicles, release planning
verbose build comparison
verifyNoMoreInteractions() method
<version/> XML element
version control2nd
version coordinate2nd
version element
version history features, Subversion
version management servers
version-control systems.
    See VCS.
versioned artifacts
  lock-snapshots plug-in
  unlock-snapshots plug-in
versions map, JIRA
vertical slicing
virtual machine images
virtual repositories
virtuous cycle
visual configuration environments
Vodde, Bas


Wagon mechanism
wagon-svn plug-in
waiting times2nd
WAR files2nd
waterfall model
WBS (work breakdown structure)
web application administrator
web apps, for multiple environments
  applying different configurations
  multiple artifacts with assemblies
  using distribution profile and executing example
web UI (user interface), testing
web-based reporting
WebDAV features
Weinberg, Gerald M.
white box tests
  Atlassian Confluence2nd
  Trac tool
Word documents
work breakdown structure.
    See WBS.
work items
working in isolation
working offline
working units, progress and size of
workspace management, congruent builds and
workspaces, productive
write access rights


XML data
XML document
XML metadata
XML structure
XStream library
  data-driven testing with
  testing web UI with