Making a String Envelope Closure – Leather Crafts

Hardware: Making a String Envelope Closure

A romantic, meandering closure with old-fashioned roots from intra-office manila envelopes, the string envelope closure is easy to make using scrap leather pieces and bits of twine.



Waxed nylon thread, 1mm



Hole punch, ⅝ inch (1.6cm)

Mechanical pencil

Single-prong pricking iron, 3/32-inch (0.2cm)

2 harness needles, #00


Thread snips

Techniques Used

Punching: Using Hole Punches

Hand Stitching: Using a Pricking Iron

1 Punch the buttons. To make the two buttons of the string closure, punch two rounds in the leather using the ⅝-inch (1.6cm) round hole punch.

2 Measure and mark the stitch holes for the buttons. Place a ruler across the diameter of the buttons and mark the locations for the stitch holes at 3/16 and ⅜ inches (0.48cm and 0.95cm).

3 Measure and mark the stitch holes on the project. Hold one of the buttons up to the project where it will be attached, and mark the location of the stitch holes through the button’s holes using the mechanical pencil. Repeat at the second location on the project.

4 Punch the stitch holes. Using the single-prong pricking iron, punch a stitch hole at each mark on both the buttons and the project body.

5 Stitch on the buttons. Line up the stitch holes of the button and the project and hold together with one hand. Attach each of the buttons to the main body of the project by looping the thread around both holes two times. Tie off.

6 Assemble the closure. Using the thread snips, cut a length of twine approximately three to four times the length of the space between the two string closure buttons.

7 Tie string to button. Tie one end of the string to the leather button on the lid using a standard double knot.

If you’re using thick twine or need the button to be raised up from the project, wrap the thread around itself between the top of the project and underside of the button several times before tying off.