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A unique book for global sales professionals and their sales leaders about how to prepare to manage, cope with, and succeed at corporate global sales.

Recent research has discovered underlying discontent with professional salespeople who represent global sales organizations.

This book assists the sales professionals to navigate the dilemmas and pitfalls that confront today’s corporate sellers so they emerge out the other end mentally healthy, skilled, and sane. The book also tackles and simplifies the basic steps of the overall sales process, territory planning, and product training, so as to ultimately improve your sales results.

The content of this book is clear and simple to understand, including many suggestions and recommendations drawn from over 49 years of my own sales knowledge and professional selling experience.

Each chapter is easy to understand so you are able to locate your specific interest quickly. The last two chapters deal with the complexity of real day-to-day selling and the nuts and bolts of the general day to day sales operation.

Many salespeople today are looking for a simple and concise book to guide them through the corporate sales process; I am convinced this is the book.

—Written by a Salesperson for Salespeople.

All professional salespeople and their leaders frequently ask themselves questions they are embarrassed to ask colleagues or their coaches. Finally, here is a book that addresses these difficult situations and answers the questions you are afraid to ask. In addition, this book provides a comprehensive guide to sales planning, customer psychology, and the simple understanding of the seven steps of the sale.

I trust you will enjoy this book and hope it provides answers to many of your burning sales needs.