Model Question Papers – Fundamentals of International Business


B.Com (BCP.)
International Business


Marks: 75

Time: 3 Hours

Note: Attempt all questions

All questions carry equal marks

  1. What do you understand by International Business? Critically examine the factors that have contributed to the growth of International Business in the last few decades.

    (10 + 5)


    What is Globalization? What are the elements and drivers of Globalization? What are the factors influencing the growth of globalization of International Business?

    (5 + 5 + 5)

    1. Discuss how diverse political and economic environments impact International Business.

      (4 + 4)

    2. Explain different elements of cultural environment, which have an impact on the International Business Operations.



      What are the barriers of trade? Explain the various commercial policy instruments used by different nations to regulate foreign trade.


    1. What is the balance of payment account? What are its components?


    2. Critically examine the product life cycle theory of international trade.



      What do you understand by ‘Regional Economic Integration’? How has ASEAN promoted economic integration among its constituent members?

      (5 + 10)

  2. What are the different functions of foreign exchange market? Distinguish between Foreign Exchange risk and Foreign Exchange exposure, citing suitable examples.

    (7 + 8)


    What measures have been taken by the Government in recent years to promote Foreign Direct Investments into India? Briefly state the impact of these measures on the recent inflow of investments.

    (10 + 5)

    1. What is e-commerce? Briefly explain the factors responsible for the growth of e-commerce in the last few decades.


    2. Briefly describe the important factors involved in making international production decisions.



      Write short notes on any two:

      1. Factors for Growing E-Commerce
      2. Trends in World Trade
      3. World Trade Organization (WTO) as Regulator of Trade

        (7.5 + 7.5)