Picture Credits and Acknowledgments – Drawing Fashion Accessories


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All other images by the author.


On his journey, an artist encounters many influences and inspirations that affect his art, and I am no different. I thank my God for the talent He has given me and for a mother who recognized it and set me on the path to be an illustrator – thank you Mom (Dorine). Thanks also to Carol Police for helping me to see shape and also eternity. To Gregory Weir-Quiton who taught me to draw a line a day and the many friends who refined my eye to see beauty— Steve Bieck, Mia Carpenter, Rose Brantley, and Andrea Reynders—thank you all for sharing your lives with me. A special thanks to Lee Ripley for the vision of this book and to Anne Townley for pushing me through to the finish. And, of course, to all my students who keep me growing— thanks a bunch. Thank you to Leah, Rheanna, and Ryan, the three most inspiring models and children anyone could ever have. And, most of all, thank you to my incredible wife and art-mate Janice, who allows me to pursue my calling. You are a constant source of love and encouragement to me; my best critic and my best friend.