Preface – In Quest of the Last Victory

Coming into Existence xv
On reading the title of my work, ‘In Quest of the Last Victory’,
many people asked me, ‘Did the quest lead you to victory? And why
do you call it the last victory?’ To this, my response would be ‘Read
the story and you will know’. Yes, my quest did lead me to my last
victory. ‘Last’, not because the achievement I talk about in this book
would be the last of my success stories but because the victory I am
talking about is the ultimate victory, which for most people remains
a quest. This is the victory most people strive for, whether consciously
or unconsciously. This is the victory over self, the victory over one’s
If you have not achieved victory over self, other victories
simply fade into insignifi cance.
Ever since my childhood I have learnt a lot from the life stories of
other people, life stories I came across in real life and life stories I
read or heard about. I believe that we gain a lot from the experiences
of other people. I always wanted to lead a life which offered oppor-
tunities to learn something new at every stage and a life I could share
with others. I am fortunate that my wishes have been fulfi lled.
I have faced near-death situations more than once. This has taught
me to appreciate, cherish, relish and savour every moment of my life.
I have faced losses and failures. This has taught me to understand
the amount and extent of the efforts that go into every success.
I have faced setbacks that have taken me back to where I began.
I never felt discouraged. I saw it as an opportunity to prove myself.
This book is the story of a boy who was perceived as an under-
performer but who persevered and, despite every setback in life, went
on to fulfi l his dreams and become a world record holder.
In the pages of this book, I have brought together the experiences
of my ordeals. It is also a compilation of the lessons I learnt along the
way. It is an effort to share the story of my life, my experiences and
the lessons that I learnt with everyone hoping they gain from it.
This book is a tribute to every person who has come into my life.
Each one of them has added value to it. Although I know I cannot
thank everyone enough but still I would like to thank all my friends
from school and college and my course mates at the Academy. I have
shared beautiful moments of life with them. I would also like to
thank my extended joint family, my brothers, sisters and cousins for
always being there for me. I would like to thank all my teachers and
instructors for making me what I am.
I am very glad that Pearson Education agreed to publish my book.
This has enabled me to share my story with you, to let you know
that attaining victory or realizing your potential lies in the strength
of your will. Nothing is impossible!
Navin Gulia
xvi Preface