Preface to the Second Edition – Global Mergers and Acquisitions, Volume II

Preface to the Second Edition

This book consists of three separate, but complementary parts that appear in two volumes. The first volume deals with general principles, concepts, and methods that apply to mergers and acquisitions: domestic or global. The second volume examines China’s global M&A activities of recent years, the events that are steadily increasing. Inclusion of China’s foreign direct investment in the book reflects China’s increasing importance as a leading player in the world economic system. The second volume of the book also contains a collection of case studies, all about China’s foreign direct investment in Greenfield or M&A forms.

The new edition of the book has gone through several changes. First, we have separated all case studies from the analyses in Parts I and II and have placed them together in Part III (second volume) of the book. Accordingly, these cases could be read independently of the relevant analyses in the first two parts of the book. Second, to have the length of the book meet the publisher’s standard, we have presented the topics in two volumes. Finally, the time series data in the book have been updated and the developments in China’s global mergers and acquisitions since the first edition of the book have been added to the book.