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Tools and Materials Resources

Bruce Johnson Leather
Bruce Johnson sells only vintage leatherworking tools. Used, vintage leather tools can be a bargain and are often a higher quality tool than buying new. As the saying goes, they don’t make them like they used to.

True bargains can be found on eBay for vintage and used leatherworking tools. Be on the lookout for “lot” boxes. If you’re lucky, you can find a leather workshop undergoing liquidation and outfit your shop in one purchase.

Eprose French Leather Tool
Eprose has a small collection of certain high-quality, French leathercrafting tools that are hard to find elsewhere. They’re not a one-stop shop, but you can find unique and one-of-a-kind tools here.

Goods Japan
Japanese tools are very high quality, particularly their scissors and thread snips. This Japanese goods exporter carries Japanese leathercrafting tools and has an especially nice selection of burnishers.

Maine Thread Company
Most leathercraft stores carry only a few natural colors of waxed thread, but Maine Thread Company waxes polycord in a wide variety of colors at their headquarters in Lewiston, Maine.

Springfield Leather Company
Springfield Leather Company in Springfield, Missouri started out as a local leathercraft supply store, but they have expanded their online presence and will ship just about anything you need.

Tandy Leather
Tandy Leather Company has multiple store locations throughout the United States and Canada, and is the go-to online emporium for leathercraft supplies. They carry nearly everything you need and ship worldwide.

Zack White Leather Company
Zack White Leather Company started as a leathercraft supply store in North Carolina. They have a good selection of tools and leathers available on their website.

Further Learning

Tandy Leather Video Tutorials
Tandy Leather has commissioned a series of how-to videos on leathercrafting that can be useful when approaching a new technique. Their videos on finishing edges and introducing tools like bag punches are particularly helpful overviews.

Springfield Leather Company’s Helpful Hints
Springfield Leather produced a wider variety of how-to videos demonstrating the various tools they sell, which are peppered with good tips that only a seasoned veteran would know. Videos such as saddle stitching, using an awl, and setting snaps and rivets are full of useful information.

About Leather Care
Walnut Studiolo’s website can be used as a handy reference, with tips and hints for knowing when it’s time to take care of your leather, and detailed instructions for cleaning and conditioning vegetable-tanned leather.

More Reading

The Art and Craft of Leather by Barron’s
Barron’s book focuses on the role of leather in fine art and the applied arts. It briefly discusses basic tools and techniques before going more deeply into advanced techniques and eight advanced projects. It features a wide-ranging gallery of leather artwork from Renaissance-era Europe to prehistoric Latin America.

The Leatherworking Handbook by Valerie Michael
Valerie Michael’s handbook contains technique descriptions and projects appropriate for intermediate to advanced leathercrafters. It is a helpful second sourcebook and contains a broader discussion of decorative techniques.

Leatherwork Manual by Al Stohlman, A.D. Patten, and J.A. Wilson
Al Stohlman is the undisputed master of decorative leathercraft and all of his books and tutorials are valuable references for traditional leathercrafting. This manual is short, straight, and to the point on most basic leathercrafting techniques. Although it’s out of print and may be difficult to find, it’s worth seeking out.