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Shaping Leather: Folding

Leather is a malleable material and is easy to fold, but a little technique is required in getting the fold to stay flat. Thicker leather may require a channel, but thinner leather can be made to fold on its own using water and pressure.





Mechanical pencil

Spray bottle



Scrap wood board

1 Measure and mark the fold line. Measure and mark the fold line on the rough side of the leather using a straightedge and mechanical pencil.

2 Lightly moisten the fold line area. Using a spray bottle filled with water, move the bottle quickly from side to side, lightly misting the fold line area on the rough side of the leather only until it is damp but not wet.

Lightly spritzing the leather with water allows it to become more flexible without creating a water stain. If you accidentally get it too wet, act quickly and wet the entire project. It will take a little longer to dry, but it should not leave a water stain.

3 Fold the leather. Fold the leather at the fold line, making sure that your sides are straight and aligned before pressing it down to crease. Holding a straightedge against the fold line will help to make a straight fold.

4 Clamp the fold and let dry. Take a board or other stiff, wide object, and clamp it down to the fold to ensure even pressure and a stiff, straight fold line. Let the project dry in the clamp. When you unclamp it, it will stay neatly folded in place.