Summary of the Goal-Achieving Blueprint – How Successful Engineers Become Great Business Leaders

Summary of the Goal-Achieving Blueprint

Building block Key question
Clarity Which one growth goal would have the biggest positive impact on my business?
If I could change one thing to dramatically improve my business, what would it be?
What would I set out to achieve if I knew I couldn’t fail?
How would this goal apply to my strengths and the strengths of my organization?
Has it been done before? If so, what is the baseline to achieve the goal?
How will you know when you have achieved the goal?
What would be the difference between the old situation and the new situation?
Which one organizational behavior, If I could change right here, right now, would help most to achieve the major definite purpose?
Focus How can we apply triage to minimize the risks and maximize the gains while crossing the Valley of Death?
How can we build a portfolio of options to achieve the goal?
How would we allocate our time, energy, and money between risky new goals and existing operations?
What are the vital few initiatives in our portfolio that will give us the majority of results?
What would the new culture that accompanies this big goal look like?
Which behavioral distinctions would help us most to consistently show the most important new behavior?
What are the milestone criteria to kill any alternatives to achieve this goal?
What can we delegate, eliminate, or outsource to free up time, energy, and money?
Execution What are our blind spots resulting from a pre-mortem exercise?
Which one organizational Kryptonite habit needs to be eliminated to make the new goal happen?
Which one personal Kryptonite habit must be eliminated to make the new goal happen?
Which parts of the referral engine will help me most to quickly get new customers and grow the business?
Which part of the one growth goal will help my organization most and can be achieved within 100 days?
Which one behavior do I need to drive as a leader to make this goal happen?
How can I set up a spider line and a system of rhythmic compound improvement to reach the 100-day objective?