The Torturous Transfer to Delhi – In Quest of the Last Victory

An Appointment with Destiny 57
Ill List’. I was on the ‘Dangerously Ill List’ of the hospital. Basically, it
meant I could die anytime. I talked to the staff, the visitors and anyone
I got a chance to talk to. I was told by the doctors that I would soon
be airlifted to the main military hospital of the country, in the capital
city, Delhi (the hospital where I was born. Yes, fate was taking me
there a third time now.) The doctors told me that I would be operated
upon in that hospital to rectify the fractures of my spine. They were
only waiting for me to stabilize a little before they could make that
transfer by a helicopter. My condition, however, deteriorated. I would
get such high fever that I would lose my senses and start muttering
unconsciously. Ice packs would be kept over my face and head and
cold water sprayed on my face to get my senses back.
At other times, I would shiver badly for hours. As I had no senses
in my body any problem would only be detected when it had reached
a peak of complication. My body couldn’t bear the heat as there
was no sweating. The body temperature rose immediately. Heat was
intolerable and so was cold. I shivered till my jaw muscles pained
from shivering. Fortunately I had always forced myself to work harder
than my body could normally take, always exerted that extra push.
Probably this is why I was able to take the torture of this condition.
I lay fl at without moving for 15 days in this hospital. Over the days,
I craved for turning on my side and going off to sleep. I had not had
a wink of a sleep in a fortnight. I craved for a cold water bath.
The Torturous Transfer to Delhi
The day arrived when I was to be transferred to Delhi; a helicopter
was arranged. I wondered how I would make it to Delhi alive, in this
condition. This was a small four-seat helicopter I had fl own in before,
as part of training. The rear seat hardly had the space for a person to
lie straight and one junior doc was to accompany me. The front two