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Cutting: Using Leather Shears

Making curved cuts is impractical with a straightedge, and difficult to do using a precision knife freehand. Leather shears are the best tool for cutting tight curves, small rounds, and corners. These heavy-duty scissors are specifically designed to cut through thick, tough leather. Always keep the scissor blades sharp.




Mechanical pencil

Leather shears

1 Trace the template. Trace the shape to be cut with a light pencil line.

2 Cut the line with shears. Cut along the marked line with the shears. Squeeze the shears together while smoothly rotating the leather at roughly the same speed. Take your time and don’t rush.

If you stay very close to the pencil line, little mistakes will be easy to forgive from afar. If you plan to bevel the edges, the edge beveler will smooth the edges and remove any remaining pencil marks.